Sunday, 23 November 2008

What do you think about Vietnam?

Some people said that they only know Vietnam through Vietnam War. Some said Vietnam is a wonderful country with fantastic places to see - Hue, Sapa , Hanoi, Saigon, Ha Long Bay. Fantastic food... Vietnamese people are nice and friendly but you know - like people everywhere, some are nice, some are not...
Some people answered:
- It's one of the best countries I have ever visited. The people are very friendly and welcoming. It's great to travel round by bus especially the night buses as they have beds and save on accommodation fees. Loads of things to do and see, Can't wait to go back.
- The people are very friendly, it's very lovely there. The whether is hot. But it's a chance for you to go swimming. The air is very clean. Everything is great there!
- I feel like I am in heaven when I visit Vietnam. People who sincerely want to know you. There is no selfishness. There are eager to learn about other cultures. They go out of their way to help you.
- The countryside... it is gorgeous... so many different attributes... occasional snow in the far north west, tropical humidity in the south, desert regions, coastal beauty, grass plains, mountains, it is all there.
- It is so very cheap to live, eat and get around.
- I have thought about going to Vietnam, my dad served there and told me it was beautiful. My neighbors are Vietnamese and are great people, very polite (unlike my other neighbors). They have showed me pictures of where they used to live in Vietnam (can't remember the name of the town) and it was very beautiful.
- Vietnam is a wonderful country which has more than 4000 years of Civilization. It's endured numerous major political conflicts.Vietnamese people have hard-working ethics. Saigon was once known as "The Pearl of the Far East". I hope some day, Vietnam would be economically reckoned as one of the "Dragons of Asia".
- Every time I think about Vietnam, I think of the memories I was growing up with:
The people. Most of whom are poor but have great hospitality.
The foods - simply prepared but exceptionally aromatic & delicious.
The atmosphere of "Tết" - the new clothes, the sound of firecrackers & the red envelopes of "lì xì".
My unforgettable first love.
Hanging around w/ my dearest friends.
Running half-naked in "xà lỏn" under the falling rain.
Playing soccer with my pals in a nearby Buddhist temple's ground.
Roaming slowly around the city on a bicycle in a nice breeze.
The passing-by female students with long silky hair, gracious gait in beautiful elegant white "áo dài".
The everyday chaos & transquility.
The contant transformation of the country as a whole towards a more hopeful future.
I've always longed to be back there.

.. and you? What do you think about Vietnam?
It would be nice to hear from you...


torsten said...

I only know Vietnam by pictures and movies, but I did know a few Vietnamese people, all I can say is they where very kind and püolite and very very friendly. One day I will visit Vietnam for sure!
I want to learn more about people and country