Tuesday, 4 November 2008

One - Pillar Pagoda

Hanoi capital has "The One - Pillar Pagoda" which was built in the Ly dynasty in the early eleventh century. Ho Chi Minh City has "The One-Pillar Pagoda" located on Dang Van Bi street in Thu Duc. The One - Pillar Pagoda in HCMC was founded and built by senior monk Thich Tri Dung. The great supporter is Mrs. Do Thi Vinh. Both of them are in charge of the total expenses of construction. The work was started on April 8, 1958 and it was completed in 1977.
The Southern One - Pillar Pagoda is modeled exactly after that of Hanoi, highlighting the dream of the Ly dynasty kings. They built this pagoda with a view to helping the Southern Buddhist faithful to pay tribute to the Buddha recalling the origin of our ancestors and nourishing the hope for the people's welfare and the nation's prosperity.
The pillar of the pagoda is made of reinforced concrete. The pagoda has curved tiled roofs like those of Hanoi's. Around the pagoda is a square lake called Long Nhan Lake. (In the lake there are tortoise and multicoloured ornamental fish abound in the lake). The compounds of the pagoda are vast and shady thanks to the belt of century - old trees. The Buddhist faithful and foreign tourists from all part of the country often frequent pay a visit to the pagoda.