Monday, 17 January 2011

Wisdom - Trang Quynh tales

A farmer was ploughing his field. Now and then, he shouted at and beat the buffalo that was pulling the plough.
A tiger happened to stroll along the edge of the field.
"Buffalo, you are so big. Why do you let this puny man beat you?", he asked.
The buffalo answered. "The man is small but his wisdom is big".
The tiger did not understand what wisdom was so he growled at the man. "Hey you, man,what is wisdom? Let me see it".
"Wisdom? Oh, my wisdom it at home" replied the man, eyeing the tiger's teeth and claws.
"Go home and get it. Bring it here so that I can see it". The tiger ordered.
"Oh,no! I am afraid that you will eat my buffalo while I am gone. If you agree to be bound with rope, I will run home and fetch the wisdom ".
The tiger agreed .After binding the tiger the farmed beat its back.
"Here is my wisdom. This is my wisdom", he explained.