Wednesday, 25 March 2009

My Tho - Ben Tre Mekong Delta travel

Mekong Delta was formed by sediment deposited by the Mekong River and the process still continues today. The land of the Mekong Delta is renowned for its richness and most of it is under cultivation. Its product includes rice, coconut, sugarcane, fruits and fish. A major activity in the Mekong Delta is boating. It is interesting to tour through the canals by boat to get a close look at the beautiful natural setting of the Mekong Delta

My Tho is the closest Mekong Delta City to Saigon where you will see part of the picturesque natural setting of Vietnamese country. This trip includes seeing a floating fish market, crossing Mekong River by motorized boat, a row boat ride along small creeks to the Mekong river estuary, cruising along the Phoenix Island, quiet villages of Ben Tre Province, seeing the manufacturing of handicrafts made from coconut trees, honey bee keeping farm, tropical orchards, tasting honey, tropical fruit, coconut candy, enjoying Vietnamese tradition music, visiting MEKONG REST STOP on the way back to Saigon.


Aly said...

Hello Snow! my name is Alice and I write from Italy, Milan. I really like Vietnam: history, culture and society .. in particular the history ^^ I am a student of contemporary history at the University of Milan and I love the figure of Ho Chi Minh, Giap and Viet Cong :)
Very interesting your post! Mekong river will be beautiful .. I hope to come to Vietnam one day! As the song says Phạm Quỳnh Anh "One day I'll touch your soil, one day I'll finally know my soul, one day I'll come to you, say hello to Vietnam .." - "Một ngày kia, tôi sẽ về, để về tôi hồn chào cõi
Một ngày kia, tôi sẽ về, Người về chào, Việt Nam ơi! "
( Can I add your blog from "blog friends"? )
( Sorry for my terrible English :P )
Bye Bye ^^

Snow said...

Hello Alice,
Welcome to Vietnam and I would like to be your blog friend, too :) Yes, you can add me to your blog friends and it would be nice to join your blog friends there. Can you speak Vietnamese, too? Your country is famous on architecture and nature. Whenever you come to Vietnam then tell me ha :) I would like to take you around here. Your English is better than me a lot :)
Bibi :)

Aly said...

Xin chào Snow!^^
I added your blog in "blog friends"! I unfortunately do not speak Vietnamese, but good French and little English and Portuguese. To make me happy if you want to visit my blog, unfortunately is in Italian but, on the left, there is "google traduttore" (google translator) and you can choose language.
Snow you soon! :]

Anonymous said...

I added your blog to my friend blog list. Your blog is so nice and beautiful Aly. snow

Aly said...

Thanks Snow ^^