Saturday, 3 January 2009

Luu Binh - Duong Le's friendship

From the childhood, Luu Binh and Duong Le were friends. This was a good friendship. Duong Le's family was poor. Duong Le lived with Luu Binh and they could study together. Duong Le was studious, had succeeded and passed his examination and named a mandarin.Luu Binh was confident in his fortune, played and failed in his examination. Later, Luu Binh's family was ruined because there was trouble in the country. He wanted to study again but he had no more money. He went and saw Duong Le in order to ask his assistance. Since Duong Le named a mandarin, he always thought much of his old friend. He was very happy when his friend came to see him. He thought that his friend has played, now he was unhappy. “If I help him, he will be lazy again, and do not know how he can earn money for a living”. Then he pretended to be angry and cried: "A mandarin has no friendship with a poor man". He ordered his soldiers to chase out Luu Binh. Luu Binh returned home very sadly. Duong Le said to Chau Long to help his friend and look after him. Obeying her husband’s orders, disguised herself as a trade woman, went to meet Luu Binh, took Luu Binh to her house to study. During 3 years, he tried to learn and succeeded in his examination. Luu Binh decided to go to Duong Le's house in order to reprimand him, At that time, Duong Le’s house in ordered Chau Long to present herself before Luu Binh. Now, Luu Binh recognised his friend's sacrifice. From that time, Luu Binh and Duong Le became more friendly.

Translated by Mai Anh Tuyet